Choosing Subject Matter

Most of my paintings are of photos or pictures in newspapers or magazines. I typically look for subjects that have lots of color – I love to mix paints and come up with unique hues and blends. If a picture catches my eye, I’ll print it and put in my file. Then, when I’m ready to paint it, I’ll prep the best size canvas for the painting.

I’m always on the lookout for a good subject to paint in KC Star newspaper, social media pictures, photos, magazines, etc. I’ll also take photos of real life subjects and paint from that photo.

I haven’t tried painting real time subject matter – like setting up an easel in the park to paint a meadow or stream. I have a tremendous amount of respect for artists that can do that, but I’m more of a technician (translate nerd?) when it comes to layout and painting.

If you’ve visited my galleries, you probably have guessed that I haven’t really settled on one subject type. Like I said, I choose subject matter that catches my eye – especially color!

“When you incorporate art in your life . . . THAT DEPTH feeds your mind and your soul.”

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