Prep, Setup, Sketching & Painting

When I choose a photo to paint from my file, I choose a canvas size based on what best fits the subject matter.

I rub in a paint color that will become the background color consistent with the subject matter colors. This provides a base color that will show through wherever brush strokes don’t completely cover the canvas – gives the painting a kind of glow that would otherwise just be white.

I’ll let the canvas dry for a day or two.

Then, I’ll sketch the subject matter on the color canvas in pencil – this could take a few hours or more depending on the canvas size and complexity of the subject and may take more than one sitting to complete.

The next step is the actual painting, using the sketch as a guide – as my painting class teacher said: basically color by numbers. It’s a bit more complicated than that but I pretty much follow the sketch lines.

Depending on the canvas size, the actual painting phase will be divided into several sittings – based on how I choose to develop the piece.

After the painting is substantially complete, I’ll tinker with it by adding accents here or there, fine tuning a shape or shadow and/or changing a color scheme – and finally get to a point where I’m either satisfied or just don’t want to overdo it!

“When you incorporate art in your life . . . THAT DEPTH feeds your mind and your soul.”

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